Molten Sulfur Haulauge

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Molten Sulfur Haulauge

  •  Mohammed Alhaddad

EARADAT has been awarded a large project by Saudi Aramco for the transportation of molten sulfur from ARAMCO facilities like Shedgum,Hawiyah,RasTanura,Uthmaniah,Riyadh,Haradh,Abqaiq,etc..and delivering it to Aramco’s off-loading facility. EARADAT has proved great efficiency and smooth operations for the molten sulfur hauling services and thus came from our long experience and the expert work of our trucks operators under the most reliable supervision a customer can get in the Saudi Market.

Molten Sulfur Haulauge Specs:

Specs Description
Capacity Up to 13,500 liters and 3% expansion allowance.
Dimensions Overall length 11,200 mm, overall height 3,150 mm and overall width 2,600 mm.
Safety Fully equipped with road transport safety requirements (hazardous substances) ex: big fire extinguishers, hazardous placards, temperature and pressure gauges at the tanks side, etc…
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