Lowbed Traile

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Lowbed Traile

  •  Mohammed Alhaddad

Our Low Bed semi trailer services are one of the most sophisticated services provided by Earadat as it requires a lot of safety precautions and awareness due to the bulk carriage transported. Such type of services can be only done by Earadat as we are having the best in house training for the drivers and one of the best transporting companies with minimal incidents experienced.

Lowbed Trailer Specs:

Specs Description
Capacity Up to 80 tons.
Dimensions 1.75 M (neck) + 11 M (bed) + 1.5 M (slope) = 12.5 M (length) x 3.5 M (width) Fifth Wheel Height 1.10 – 1.3 M
Safety Fully equipped with road transport safety requirements.
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